Morgan Three-wheeler Photos from Down Under

Terry Doyle

Terry Doyle in a 1929 M type Super Aero with a JAP LTOWC/S engine at Arthur's Seat Hillclimb in 1993 (Photo by Stan Alexander).

Arthur's Seat Hillclimb

Start of the 1995 Arthur's Seat Hillclimb.

1929 Super Aero

The Beauty (1929 Super Aero) and the Beast (1914 La France) at the 1998 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

1935 SS MX4

John Mathews 1935 MX4 Super Sports driven by Dave Whitelaw (seated) at the 1998 Arthur's Seat Hillclimb..

Chris Page's 1946 MX4 SS

Chris Page - 1946 Super Sports with Matchless MX4 engine at Katoomba NSW Mog Meet 1998.

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