Photo Album No. 8

Morgan Three-Wheelers in Buttonwillow (U.S.A.), May 2000
all Photos from E. Alan Al Moss

Lineup of the Morgans

Lineup of the Morgan 3-wheelers.

From the right side:
George Tollworthy, 1934 SS
Larry Ayers, Super Aero 1930.
J. Dale Barry, 1934 Morgan.

Buttonwillow 2000

Buttonwillow 2000.

Super Aero 1930
Larry Ayers in RED, a Super Aero from 1930.

YY-19, Super Aero 1930

Larry Ayers Super Aero called "RED" has a 1084 cc J.A.P. JTOR air cooled, wet sump engine with 2 Amal concentric carburettors and a 3-speed gearbox. The car was raced in the 1930s (blown by a Zoller supercharger) by Henry Laird. In 1936 Henry Laird achieved with "Red" a maximum speed of 103mph (ca 170 Km/h) at the Brooklands racetrack.

more photos of 'RED'


The next pictures are from the Buchanan Race Field (CA), June 1999

1934 Super Sports

Left and below:
George Tollworthy in his 1934 Super Sports Beetleback Morgan 3-Wheeler. The car has a J.A.P. 60-degree LTOWZ 1100 cc water cooled engine, a single Amal concentric carburettor, hydraulic brakes and a 3-speed and reverse gearbox.

1934 Super Sports

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