Photo Album No. 6

Gernot Schwab's 1934 Super Sports Morgan

1934 Super Sports

1934 Super Sports
Above and below:
Ennstal-Classic-Rally 2001, Class "Epoche1 — cars until 1934": Gernot Schwab and his son Andreas achieve a fabulous victory. Overall finishing on place 35 they even stay two places ahead of worldfamous race driver Stirling Moss!

Left: OF-LX3 is Gernot Schwab's 1934 Super Sports Morgan with Matchless MX4 enine. The photos has been taken during the Ennstal-Classic-Rally 2000.

1934 Super Sports


Christian K.'s 1929 Super Sports Aero

Super Sports Aero

A beautiful two-speed Super Sports Aero from 1929 with a J.A.P. - JTOR engine. For many years Tim Green took this Morgan Three-wheeler to Club-races in the UK. Today this runabout is back on the road and owned by Christian K. (Switzerland).


Dave Trutzenbach's 1936 Sports 2-Seater

Above: Dave Trutzenbach's Sports 2-Seater

Dave Trutzenbach owned that car when he was living in England. The photos were taken at his parent's home in Welling, Kent. Mr Trutzenbach told me via E-Mail that he "purchased the car for 95 pounds and sold it for 90 pounds." Those where the days...
From Dave's E-Mail: "I could tell you many stories especially the time when a friend tried to start it and the "old girl" (Mrs. Frequantly as she was called) back pressured / kicked. The starting handle knocked him in the mouth and a couple of teeth went missing. He offered to start it for me!!!!"

water-cooled Matchless

A nice view of the water-cooled, side-valve 998 c.c. Matchless engine.

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