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SALOME — a Morgan 3-Wheeler converted to 4 wheels.


SALOME is originally a Morgan 3-wheeler from 1928, registration YW 2028, and was delivered from the factory with a J.A.P. side valve water-cooled engine. The conversion to 4 wheels began in 1932. Today Salome is owned by Stewart Becker.


During it's whole life Salome was used for racing and quite successful it was! Today the car is fitted with a J.A.P. 1.196 KTOR, a dope-burning monster of an engine, and raced in England and France by Stewart Becker.


A close look onto the J.A.P. KTOR engine which was tuned by Alec Card.


Quarter elliptic springs hold the solid rear axle, which is from a GN car. Nice view of the gearing!

History of SALOME

1928: Delivery of Salome from the factory as a Morgan 3-wheeler, registration YW 2028. The car was then fitted with a J.A.P. side-valve water-cooled engine.
1931: Engine replaced by a J.A.P. KTCY 981cc four cam air-cooled from a Coventry Eagle Flying 8 Motorcycle.
H. Beart of Kingston on Thames rebuilt the fractured front chassis, he also widened and lowered it with "double drop" cross tubes (= Super Aero Style). Rear spring mounted on top of bevel box angle irons to lower rear and make it equal to lowered front end.
1932: Sulmon supplied the components for 3 into a 4 wheeler. In a Maida vale Mews garage rear forks + solid GN rear axle, 1/4 elliptic springs attached to the angle irons on top of the bevel box.
Steering wheel 20" bronze one from a bus + foot accelerator fitted.
Dirt track racing for a short time = damage to chassis.
Breyer's moved to de Havilland (with bent Salome). He kept the KTCY engine and tuned it using "polished internals". He increased the capacity from 981cc to 1096cc by lengthening the stroke by 10mm. He also fitted special Martlett pistons = 5 thou. clearance, larger valves + twin float racing Bowden carburetors (similar to the mods on "Bloody Mary's J.A.P.). Twin sparking plugs with 2nd magneto, revised timing and tuned exhaust (ideas from Prof. Mucklow of Manchester University).
45hp at 6500rpm.
Using a 16swg steel web between the bevel box irons stiffened rear chassis. Rear springs stiffened by binding with string, which was then doped. Front spring resistance was reduced by 60% + Hartford shock absorbers fitted
Cockpit: Avro 504 aircraft seat fitted.
Steering column with epicyclic reduction box + 16" four spoked wheel.
Duralumin used for lightness
Throttle pedal - veneer adjustable type
Under the direction of J.P.Smith (subsequently director of Hawker Siddley Aviation) brake pedal constructed using de Havilland Gypsy Moth rocker arm in its toggle mechanism = increased leverage with further pedal travel (adjustable for wet / dry conditions).
Clutch was changed for a lightweight steel flywheel (from Eric Fernihough's car), doped with paraffin and light oil mixture to induce slight clutch slip off the line.
Final drive by Robin Jackson
Hill climb: 9.3 and 6.5
Sprints: 9.3 and 5.1
Rear wheels 19 x 4.75 run at 12 psi.
1936: Fastest time at Howard Park, beating the works MG Magnette. Hit the bank on another occasion and reverted to a three-wheeler!
Pre WW2Plans were to fit a special V twin 1500cc air-cooled unit. A pair of JAP 8 / 80 rear crankcases were to be machined to fit back to back = larger front main shaft. Rotary valve heads.
Roland Cross of Bath estimated 100 - 110hp!
Robin Jackson designed a counter shaft to transmit the drive.
Post WW2: Salome's engine was fitted to Dick Caesar's GN / Morgan based special called "Liki".
John Bendall purchased the remains of Salome and fitted an OHV water cooled J.A.P. engine and raced it in the famous CAPA race in the West Country.
1953: Salome is now owned by G de Jongh who fitted an ABC 1000cc flat- twin.
B.T.Owens won the vintage class at Prescott in 54.19 sec.
1954: Tim Vessey owned Salome. He fitted a proper aluminum body.
1960's: Salome is now owned by Gardner. Salome is sold by him for £85 to Bratt, who used it at Prescott. The ABC engine was declared at 1342 cc.
1970: Freddie Giles acquired the remains of Salome with the ABC engine, which he wanted for "Bettle". A chassis damage was rectified. The engine was replaced by a J.A.P. KTOR, which runs on dope. A short GN "nose" was fitted.
2nd attempt at Silverstone = 5 lap victory. Numerous class wins and records.
Late 90's: SALOME now has an 1196 KTOR dope-burning monster of a power plant, which was built by Alec Card - as used by the top Morgan 3-wheeler racers.

History suggests that Salome is safer than she appears! This is just a selection:
1984Prescott46.15New Record
1985Shelsley39.44New Record
1988Prescott46.63New Record (996cc)
1989Cadwell?2.02Winner Spero Trophy several times
1990Wiscombe51.87New Record
1998Prescott45.722nd, — 1st Vintage
1999Curborough38.731st, — 1st Vintage, New Record
1999Wiscombe50.941st Vintage

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