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Motor Cycling
October 11, 1933
pages 720 and 721


A New Air-cooled o.h.v. Model with a Matchless Engine

10/40 Sports

The imposing head-on view of the water-cooled Sports 2-seater Morgan which employs an o.h.v. 10/40 h.p. J.A.P. engine.
HALF-A-DOZEN detail changes, the elimination of the air-cooled Family model, and the introduction of an air-cooled Sports two-seater these are the outstanding features of the Morgan programme as announced for 1934. So far as the Family model is concerned, it has been found that almost invariably, the water-cooled engine is preferred, and the air-cooled type has been dropped for this reason.

Taking the detail changes first, two of them apply only to the Family model. One is a change in the shape of the tail and the other an alteration to the radiator. Instead of the rather square section tail of the 1933 machine, the Family Morgan now has a rounded tail which is very much like that of the Sports two-seater. This results in both better appearance and stronger construction.

Better Water Cooling

Improved cooling is obtained for 1934 by using a larger film-block radiator. At the same time, the front of the header tank protrudes forward at the top, so that it deflects air downward and through the radiator instead of allowing some of it to pass uselessly over the top. These changes are not visible externally, for the shape of the bonnet and of the radiator shell are not altered.

On all models there are certain gearbox changes. So as to carry a larger supply of oil, the box itself is wider at the back, underneath the worm gear. The internal mechanism is not altered, but improved oil-sealing washers are now used where the shafts, leave the box.

Sports 2-seater
The off-side aspect of the model shown above. The radiator on
this model has been materially improved as also has been
the transmission. The price remains at £120.

These consist of leather washers of L-section, which are contracted on to the shafts by coil springs surrounding them. These two parts are contained in a light metal pressing so that they come away in one unit if the gearbox is dismantled and there is no difficulty in replacing them.

The dynamo drive, as before, is situated at the near-side end of the gearbox cross-shaft, and consists of two gear wheels. The one on the crossshaft is made of improved compressed fabric material and the dynamo pinion is of steel, but is now case-hardened. Curiously enough, it was found that such wear as did take place was on the steel and not on the fabric gear. Hence the case-hardening. To avoid any end thrust on the dynamo bearings, straight teeth are used.

Both the other notable alterations are at the front of the machine. Last year a new plate clutch was introduced in place of the cone clutch previously used, and the change made a great improvement in driving and particularly in starting from rest.

Family Morgan
The Family Morgan now has rear bodywork similar to that
on the Sports model, the tail being gracefully rounded off.
With a water-cooled s.v. engine the price is now £105.

For 1934 this clutch has been improved still further. The change lies at the centre of the plate. Between the actual boss or hub and the friction surfaces there is rubber so arranged that it cushions the drive and absorbs transmission shocks. There are two rings of friction material, supported on a light steel disc which is cut radially and slightly twisted, so that the actual engagement of the clutch is springcushioned and is therefore very smooth.

An oil filter is now fitted in the return side of the lubrication system. It is located on the side of the oil tank, and oil returning from the sump is forced through a felt cylinder.

So far as the Super Sports, the Family and the Sports-Family models are concerned, there are no other changes. The first-named has a 10-40 h.p. specially tuned o.h.v. J.A.P. engine, while the Sports-Family has either an o.h.v. J.A.P. engine or a side-valve engine of J.A.P. or Matchless manufacture. This last choice is offered on the Family model, and in every case the engine is water-cooled.

Super Sports Morgan
The Super-sports Morgan, selling, as before, at £135, is a racy turn-out
capable of an extremely high performance derived from a
super-tuned J.A.P. engine.

With the Sports two-seater there is the same selection of engines as on the Sports-Family model, and, in addition, there is an air-cooled o.h.v. model with a new Matchless engine.

With the exception of the cylinders and valve-operating mechanism, the air-cooled o.h.v. 990 c.c. twin Matchless engine bears a general resemblance to its water-cooled s.v. counterpart.

The cylinders, which are arranged at an angle of 56 degrees, each have bores and strokes of 85.5 mm. (990 c.c.) and detachable heads, which have very generous vertical finning.

Gearbox Matchless engine
The three-speed and reverse gearbox has
been redesigned to carry more oil. The
dynamo is driven from the opposite end
of the cross-shaft.
A new o.h.v. twin Matchless engine,
shown above partly dismantled,
appears in certain models.

Flat-top pistons, constructed of LoEx alloy and bearing three rings, are used.

Duralumin is employed for the overhead rockers, which have hardened steel end plates, and the valves are operated by enclosed push-rods. Tappet adjustment is effected at the lower ends of the push-rods, and access to the tappets is obtained, of course, by sliding up the telescopic portion of the push-rod tubes.

1934 Morgan
An interesting Morgan for 1934 is an air. cooled o.h.v. model in which is fitted a 990 c.c. Match1ess engine of new design.

In order to withstand the extra load imposed upon it, the timing gear is an improved edition of that used in the side-valve engine. Roller-bearing rockers are fitted and the timing gear employs only two pinions, one of which is mounted on the engine shaft, while the other is integral with the shaft which carries the three cams.

Lubrication, of course, is effected on the dry-sump principle, and there is an adjustable supply of oil direct to the inlet-valve guides. From this point oil passes to a union on the back of the rocker-box cover, and thence via internal passages to calibrated jets arranged so that a constant stream of oil impinges upon the rocker ball-ends where they meet the extremities of the push-rods. Ignition is by a Lucas coil, and an Amal carburetter forms part of the equipment.

Gearbox detail Clutch
The new gearbox has been made oil-tight
by the use of special spring-loaded glands
incorporating leather washers.
By redesigning the clutch the Morgan
has been given much smoother drive,
a flexible centre being provided in
the floating plate.

Family model, water-cooled, s.v., £105.
Sports Family, water-cooled, s.v., £115.
Sports Family, water-cooled, o.h.v., £125.
Sports two-seater, water-cooled, s.v., £110.
Sports two-seater, air-cooled, o.h.v., £115.
Sports two-seater, water-cooled, o.h.v., £120.
Super Sports, water-cooled, o.h.v., £135.

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