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Motor Cycling
December 4, 1929

Motor Cycling Olympia Report

Morgan Motor Co., Ltd.,
Malvern Link,

THE makers having deemed it unnecessary to alter, in any major respect, their famous three-wheeled chassis for a considerable number of years, the new Model M chassis is causing a great stir. Full details have already been given regarding the improvements incorporated which, briefly, consist of a redesigned rear fork assembly, mounted with an improved bevel-box and rear springing upon a readily detachable sub-frame. The alterations provide for a knock-out spindle which simplifies the removal of the rear wheel.

The Aero Morgan
The Aero Morgan - J.A.P. priced at £110.

The new chassis may be obtained fitted with any of the standard styles bodywork, at £6 10s. over and above the prices applying to the old chassis. The Super Aero model, however, with the M-type chassis, is featured at £150. The improved chassis gives greater accessibility to the rear wheel and considerably reduces propeller shaft whip. In addition it allows the bevel pinion and crown wheel to be readily adjusted for mesh, whilst the Bowden-cable-operated 8-in. internal-expanding brake gives considerably improved stopping power. By merely removing the nuts securing the flanged fitting at the rear of the shaft tube, and slackening off the U bolts securing the sub-frame to the chassis. the whole rear fork assembly with bevel box, dynamo, chains, etc., may be withdrawn. Also exhibited, with standard-type chassis, are the already familiar models.
The De Luxe, fully equipped with 8 h.p. J.A.P. air-cooled engine, will, as before, be a popular car at £87 10s. Electric starter, speedometer and side screens are £10 extra, whilst a watercooled J.A.P. or o.h.v. Anzani engine may be fitted for a further £7 10s.

The Family Model Morgan
The roomy Family model.

At the same figure appears the Family model with improved rear seating. The Aero, capable of 70 m.p.h., is listed, with w.-c., s.-v. J.A.P. or o.h.v. Anzani engine, hood and speedometer, at £110. An o.h.v. 10-40 h.p. J.A.P. engine is optional at an extra cost of £12. Obtainable to special order is a replica of Mrs. Stewart's record breaker which maintained 106 m.p.h. for five miles. It is a genuine racer equipped with a very special 8-55 h.p. o.h.v. aircooled J.A.P. engine.
The range is completed by the Super Sports Aero fitted with the new 1930 J.A.P. o.h.v. racing engine and a handsome lowbuilt streamlined body, with hood, at £145. Chromium plating is available on all models at an extra charge.

chassis of the Aero Morgan
Chassis of the Aero Morgan seen from the rear.

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