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The Light Car and Cyclecar
30. Oktober 1925
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H. Beart's Racer
H. Beart at the wheel of his racing Morgan, which has obtaines phenomenal speeds
for a three-wheeled cyclecar.

Seite 757

RICH MIXTURE light car comment & advice by FOCUS
Why Grumble?
Far too many complaints were to be heard at Brooklands before the start of the M.S.C.C. high-speed trial on account of the care with which the officials of the club examined and measured the silencers on the competition cars. Every competitor had received the printed regulations of the event several weeks before the trial was held, and these regulations set forth in detail exactly the type of expansion chamber, tail pipe and fish-tail which had to be fitted. Many, however, decided, probably for considerations of economy, to try and spoof the officials, and were not slow to record their annoyance when they were found out.
This kind of thing is really very childish, particularly in view of the fact that the silencer regulations are so explicit that they leave absolutely no room for argument. The question is purely one of measurements, and if these are incorrect it is obviously the competitor who is to blame.

Maskell's Morgan mit fish-tail Schalldämpfern
"Focus" comments on this page on the grumbles which were heard at Brooklands
concerning the silencer regulations in the high-speed trial. An official (right) is
seen measuring the fishtail of Maskell's Morgan, whilst (above) H. F. S. Morgan is
shown leading C. J. Turner off the banking. Despite the regulations the exhaust of
the three-wheelers were as noisy as when the standard sports exhaust pipes are used.

Seite 768

Reliance Cup Trial
A Morgan competitor takes a formidable water splash in the Reliance Cup Trial,
organized last Saturday by the Liverpool Motor Club.

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