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The Cyclecar Vol. II. No. 42
10th September 1913
Pages 398 - 399


Neck-and-Neck Struggles in the Bournemouth M.C.C. Speed Trials.



The Cyclecar, 10th September 1913
Racing in Canford Park, Wimborne. The large photograph shows Mr. W. D. South (Morgan) leading Mr. Hawkes
(D.E.W.). The position of the passenger on the monocar is only indicated by the soles of his boots. Inset Messrs.
G. W. Trendall and W. G. McMinnies on Morgans.
FIVE cyclecars and three sidecars contested the passenger machine class in the Bournemouth M.C.C. open speed trials on Wednesday last. The races, which were run in pairs, took place at Canford Park, Wimborne, which had been kindly lent for the occasion by Lady Wimborne. The track was a wide and slightly bending drive extending for about one mile, but the official course measured only three quarters of a mile, the remaining distance being allowed for pulling up. At the finish there was a sharp right-angle bend, but competitors who found that they were travelling too fast to negotiate this bend were allowed to shoot straight on through a lodge gate. Luckily there were no accidents at this point, though it was noticeable that the cyclecars had much greater difficulty in pulling up than did the solo motor- bicycles, which was probably due to their greater weight. Indeed, in one heat Mr. South, on the Morgan-Green-Precision skidded his back wheel for quite 100 yds. and then attempted to round the corner, when his near front tyre came off the rim, the tube swelled to the size of a fully-inflated football bladder and then burst. A standing start was made by all the competitors.

Mr. G. Griffiths's big Zenith sidecar won the final against Mr. McMinnies's Grand Prix Morgan by 10 yds. after a most exciting tussle, as the cyclecar got away first and was creeping up again at the finish. With this exception, the sidecar machines did not show up well. They did not get away nearly so smartly at the start when the red flag dropped as did the cyclecars. As pushers-off were allowed, most of the competitors made use of their services. In one heat Mr. Hawkes, on the D.E.W.-Precision stopped his engine as the word "go" was being given. Mr. South, who was his opponent, got away immediately, but very sportingly stopped 20 yds. from the start so as to give the D.E.W. a fair run. Mr. Dew, who was the passenger on the monocar, clung to the single seat in what looked a very precarious position. Mr. Mundy, who was enlisted as Mr. McMinnies's passenger on "Le Jabberwock de Picardie," sat on the tail with his feet inside the body, and was nearly shot off in the rear when the driver put in the high gear. Mr. Hann's G.W.K. was equipped with a puntshaped body, and looked very racy, but unfortunately it was knocked out in the first round. The Douglas cyclecar was an absentee from the trial as it could not be got ready in time, which was a disappointment to many. An improved type of horizontally-opposed twin-cylinder engine is being fitted to this machine which, together with its new body, should make it a most attractive proposition. A special bay of the big Kingswood works has been put aside for the production of the Douglas cyclecar.

The competition was splendidly organized, and the crowds of spectators at the start, along the course, and at the finish were kept well in hand by the officials. The whole event, which, including the motor-bicycles, had attracted an entry of close on 50 competitors, was run off in four hours. The results of the passenger machine class are given below. The report of the motor-cycling classes will be found in our sister journal "Motor Cycling."

1st HEAT.
Mr. G. Griffith (8 h.p. Zenith and sidescars) beat Mr.
    A. E. Gadsden (Indian and sidecar).
Mr. H. Walker (8 h.p. Bat-J.A.P. and sidecar) beat
    Mr. C. Hann (G.W.K.).
Mr. W. D. South (Morgan Precision) beat Mr. D. Hawkes (D.E.W.).
    Mr. W. G. McMinnies (Morgan) beat G. W. Trendall (Morgan).

Mr. G. Griffith beat Mr. H. Walker.
Mr. W. G. McMinnies beat Mr. W. D. South.

Mr. G. Griffith beat Mr. W. G. McMinnies

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