Morgan Catalogue Super Sports Aero (ca. 1928):

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Catalogue Super Sports Aero, page 1

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THE MORGAN SUPER SPORTS AERO is a new Morgan model specially built for speed. We can honestly claim that it is not only the fastest three-wheeler in the world, but that its performance is better than that of any car costing three times its price.

The Morgan,SUPER SPORTS is built on a special chassis so low that the driver's seat is only 8 inches from the ground. No lower motor chassis could possibly be built. It will be readily recognised that this low gravity is the very essence of speed, while the J.A.P. engine fitted is undoubtedly the best engine for high speeds. Here is a car destined to break all previous records for automobiles of its class - a very demon on wheels.

The many advantages of Morgan cars are well-known - the low initial cost, the remarkably economical running; the speed, comfort and safety. The Morgan SUPER SPORTS, though specially built for speed, retains all these advantages to the full. It is a comfortable car to drive, very cheap to run and is taxed at only £4. Complete equipment suited to a speed machine is included in the price.

Those who want a superlatively fast, comfortable and economical Light Car at a minimum of expenditure cannot do better than the Morgan SUPER SPORTS. It should be noted, however, that the ground clearance is only 6 inches, consequently we do not recommend its use on roads which are not at least reasonably good.

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The Chassis of the Morgan SUPER SPORTS AERO is the same as a standard Aero with the following modifications: -
FRAME. - Lowered 2 ½", special front axles and underslung rear springs.
SHOCK ABSORBERS. - Duplex Hartford, fitted to the back forks.
ENGINE. - O.H.V. J.A.P. 10/40 h.p. high compression and specially tuned.
CARBURETTOR. - Two float B. & B. or A.M.A.C. Sports.
EXHAUSTS. - Two long plated 2" Exhaust Pipes fitted with Ghost Silencers.
GEARS. - 4 to 1 and 8 to 1 ; other gears to order.
TYRES. - 26" x 3 ½", straight sided high pressure.
LAMPS. - Lucas Electric Set, 8" headlights with dimmers.
BODY. - Special throughout. It is very well streamlined, the Tail being hinged so that it can be lifted to gain access to the Back Wheel, Oil Tank and Battery. The 4 gallon petrol tank is detachable and fitted in front. The seats are narrow and slightly staggered. A pair of small double screens are fitted and the front wheels are covered by round Cycle-type, fixed Mudguards. The body and chassis can be painted any colour to choice.
Price: complete with equipment
specified above - - - £155


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Super Sports Aero, page 4

Proof of the wonderful speed capacity of the Morgan is clearly established by its record.

In 1912 the "Morgan" won the Cyclecar Cup for the hour record and the Olympic Race at Brooklands. In 1913 it won the "Grand Prix" in France for- Cyclecars. Since then it has won innumerable trophys for speed and hill climbing. At present it holds all 1100 c.c. records, the speeds being : -

Kilo - 104.6 m.p.h.
Mile - 103.72 m.p.h.
50 miles - 90.97 m.p.h.
100 miles - 91.54 m.p.h.
One hour - 91.49 miles.

The Morgan is the Fastest
Three-wheeler in
the World.

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