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FOR over 20 years now it has been the aim of the Morgan Motor Co., Ltd., to produce a vehicle that will meet the requirements of that section of the public who desire the possession of a Light Car, but whose means, but for the "Morgan," would only permit a Motor Cycle combination. Our idea was and is to overcome the problems of Motor Cycle discomfort and fatigue, and to enable the public to enjoy Light Car comfort, with greater speed and economy, but with considerably less initial outlay and running costs. With this aim still in view we shall continue to market the original Two-Speed "Morgan" on the already well-known and satisfactory " B " type chassis, and it will be agreed that at the prices shown we are offering the public a vehicle for which it will be difficult to find a substitute.

In addition to the above we are able to announce an entirely new model for 1932. This model is supplied in a very complete form, so that customers are not bothered with annoying amounts charged as extras. The bodywork is similar to the existing types for all models, except in detail improvements, which have certainly added to the appearance generally. These alterations refer chiefly to the Family model, which has a better shaped bonnet and a Single Panel Windscreen, with a Suction type Screen Wiper. All the new models are supplied complete with Lucas Electric Lighting and Starting, and of course the usual Hood, Side Screens and Tools. Messrs. J. A. Prestwich & Co., Ltd., have designed specially for us an entirely new Twin Cylinder engine, with the Cylinders set at a wider angle, which arrangement has enabled them to build an engine that will run more smoothly and quietly than the present 50° type. The most important change in these models is that they are all fitted with 3 forward speeds and reverse. This arrangement does away with one chain and overcomes many difficulties that have been apparent in the past. The Speeds are obtained through a regular car type of Gear Box, which has been designed by us specially for the "Morgan," and like all other parts of our cars, the Gear Box has been very robustly made to withstand all the knocking about it is likely to get. The Transmission now consists of the usual Prop Shaft, through very strong gears, to a Steel Worm and Bronze Worm Wheel, with the final drive by a single chain.

We have retained several valuable features in the rear assembly, the whole of which, including the Gear Box, can be very simply detached from the chassis. The Bearings for the Fork Arms have been increased slightly in diameter, which makes for longer wear at this point, also a new type of Bracket has been designed for the Dynamo, making the Drive for this instrument practically fool-proof. The Rear Wheel is held in position by a knock-out spindle, with the end of which is combined the Rear Brake operating cable stop, the whole being quickly detachable. On the following pages will be found descriptions of our models with detailed specifications. You will find a model to suit YOURSELF.


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EngineAir or Water-cooled with Cylinders set at 60 degrees; can be removed by withdrawing four bolts after Petrol and Oil Unions have been disconnected.
LubricationIs of the latest dry sump principle, oil being pumped from the tank, through the engine and then returned to the tank again. It is fool-proof, and the rate of flow being decided upon by the engine makers, no adjustment is provided or necessary. The grade of oil we recommend is Wakefield Castrol X.L.
IgnitionBattery and Coil, the distributor being easily accessible and at the same time water-proof.
ChassisSpecial patented design, built from Steel Tubes, very light and immensely strong.
ClutchSimple cone, Fabric-lined, self-contained and dust-proof, with ball thrust bearings, actuated by foot pedal; easy to adjust.
TransmissionThe drive is taken through the main frame tube from a joint in the clutch to a Three-Speed and Reverse Gear Box. The Prop. Shaft passes through a centre ball bearing which obviates any possibility of shaft whip. Behind the Gear Box is a Worm Gear Case containing a hardened Steel Worm and a special Phosphor Bronze Worm Wheel; from these Gears the drive is transmitted by one ¾in. pitch chain to the Rear wheel. The chain being short and running at a low speed gives no trouble.
WheelsThe Front Wheels are fitted with large Hubs and best quality Spokes and Rims, Brakes of 7in. diameter are fitted to the Front Wheels, that for the Rear Wheel being of 8in. diameter. The Back Wheel is mounted on ball journal bearings of ample size for the work they are called upon to do, the size of the Rims fitted is 19in. x 3in.
ControlThe Motor Cycle type AMAL Carburetter is fitted with controls on the Steering Wheel. An exhaust valve lifter is fitted to facilitate starting.
SteeringGeared Steering is fitted, the reduction being approximately 2 to 1. A Celluloid covered wheel is supplied and the track rod is fitted with our patented anti-wobble steering pins.
MudwingsThese are handsome and effective, fitted with metal valances and secured firmly to the chassis.
LuggageAn average size suitcase can be carried strapped to the tail over the back wheel. A special luggage carrier can be supplied for the Super Sports model if needed.
BodyworkIs very strongly made of wood and sheet Steel. It is entirely separate from the chassis and can be detached very quickly. Four different types are manufactured all being well made and comfortable, with ample leg room and width, and fitted with Dunlop Cellular Rubber Cushions.
TanksHolding 4 gallons of Petrol and 1 gallon of lubricating Oil, are fitted under the bonnet, with the exception of the Air-cooled model, which has tanks holding 3 gallons of Petrol and 3 pints of Oil.
Tyres27 x 4in. Dunlop tyres are fitted to all Wheels.
SilencersAre fixed in a special manner to frame, allowing the exhaust to pass out behind the gear box and are of a design which, while adequately dispersing gases, satisfactorily function as silencers.
SpeedThe Standard Gear Ratios are:-
Family Models: - 1st speed 13.1 ; 2nd speed 8.0 ; top 4.85 ; Reverse 17.5.
Two-Seater Models: - 1st speed 12.4 ; 2nd Speed 7.5 ; top 4.58 ; Reverse 16.5.
Special Gears can be fitted as an extra.
Two-Speed Models.Three-Speed Models,
 Length.Width. Length.Width.
Family9ft. 7in.4ft. 10in.Family9ft. 7in.4ft. 11in.
Aero9ft. 11in.4ft. 11in.Aero9ft. 11in.4ft. 11in.
   Super Sports9ft. 11in.4ft. 11in.
EquipmentAll Models are fitted with Lucas Electric Lighting equipment including 2 Head Lamps with special dimming arrangement, switch board, gear driven dynamo, electric horn and suction screen wiper. A hood, screen, floor mats, licence holder and full kit of tools are supplied; also a ¼ gallon tin of Wakefield Castrol Oil. In addition to the above, all Three-Speed Models are fitted with Lucas Electric Starter.


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Provides the cheapest possible form of transport for the family man. Designed to carry four people with a maximum weight of 40 stone, all being protected when the hood is in use; has adjustable front seats, and will do all that it is intended to do.

With 8 h.p. Air-cooled J.A.P. Engine£75
With 8 h.p. Water-cooled J.A.P. Engine£80
For complete specification see page 3.


Seite fünf:


This Model is surely the last word in economy motoring for the family man. It compares with any light car at or near its price and shows considerable advantage over the motor cycle combination.
The Chassis is described on page three, while the body has more room, flush sides, close-up wings and an improved bonnet.

With 8 h.p. Air-cooled J.A.P. engine£95
With 8 h.p. Water-cooled J.A.P. engine£100
Can also be supplied as a Two-Seater Model at the same price.
For complete specification see page 3.


Seite sechs:


This Model has been produced to meet the demands of the family man who desires comfort as well as maximum speed and acceleration, with all the advantages of Motor Cycle Taxation. The seats are all covered by the Hood in wet weather and there is ample accommodation for two children or one adult in the back seat. The chassis is a special one, similar to that used on our Super Sports Model, but 4 inches longer.

With 10/40 O.H.V. J.A.P. Engine£130
With Water-cooled S.V. J.A.P. Engine£120
For complete specification see page 3.


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The illustration shows the Aero Model fitted with close-up wings and Vee Screen. A model to satisfy the most experienced motorist. The joy of the speedman and the long distance tourer.

With S.V. Water-cooled J.A.P. Engine£115
With O.H.V. 10/40 h.p. Water-cooled J.A.P. Engine£125
Price includes Hood, Speedometer, Lucas Electric Lighting and Starting set, also Screen Wiper.


Exactly the same as 1931 Model.
With S.V. Water-cooled J.A.P. Engine£95
With O.H.V. 10/40 h.p. Water-cooled J.A.P. Engine£110
Price includes Lucas Electric Lighting, Hood and Speedometer.
For complete specification see page 3.


Seite acht:


This model is now only manufactured on the latest Three-Speed Chassis, which is described on page three.
FrameLowered 2½in., special front axles and under-slung rear springs.
Shock-Absorbers.-Are fitted to front springing.
Engine0.H.V. J.A.P. 10/40 h.p. High Compression and specially tuned.
CarburetterTwo-float Sports type, AMAL.
Exhaust System.-Two long plated pipes fitted with special silencers.
Gears1st speed 12.4 ; 2nd speed 7.5 ; top 4.58 ; reverse 16.5.
BodySpecial throughout. It is very well streamlined, the tail being hinged so that it can be lifted to gain access to the back wheel. The petrol tank is detachable and fitted in front. The seats are slightly staggered. A Vee Screen is fitted and the front wheels are covered by close-up fixed mudguards. The body and chassis can be painted any colour to choice.
TyresFort Dunlop, 27 x 4.00.

complete with Lucas Electric Lighting and Starting
Set, Speedometer, Hood and Suction type Screen Wiper

For complete specification see page 3.


Seite neun:

GUARANTEE. Machines manufactured by us are guaranteed for six months from the day they are sold to the purchaser against any defects in material or workmanship. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the most suitable materials are used and employ skilled labour only in the manufacture of our machines. This guarantee is limited to the replacement in our Works of any defective part of our manufacture and does not constitute an indemnity of any kind. If circumstances do not permit of defective parts being refitted in our Works, this guarantee is limited to the supply of the necessary replacement, which will be sent without cost, provided the defective parts are sent, carriage paid, for our inspection. In no case do we bear expenses of any kind incurred outside our own works. This guarantee does not cover the specialities of other firms, such as engines, magnetos, carburetters, tyres, etc.

We reserve the right to alter the specification and price of any model at any time.

DELIVERY. At our Works. Use of Crate or packing, if required, charged extra.



LONDON-EXETER.-Three Gold; Two Silver; One Bronze (Six started).
LONDON-LAND'S END.-Five Gold; Three Silver (Ten started).
LONDON-EDINBURGH.-Four Gold; One Silver (Five started).
COLMORE CUP.-Carr Cup; One Silver (Two started).
SCOTTISH.-One Gold (One started).

The Morgan is the only Three-Wheeler which has obtained a first-class award in a first-class trial this year.

The Morgan has gained first-class awards in trials which have been abandoned, as follows:
ENGLISH 6 DAYS.-One Cup, Thirty-seven Golds, Three team awards.
INTERNATIONAL 6 DAYS.-Five Golds, One team award.
J.C.C. General Efficiency Cup Twice, runner-up Three times.
LIGHT CAR GRAND PRIX won three years in succession.

In 1913 a Morgan won the Cyclecar Grand Prix and in 1912 the first Cyclecar race at Brooklands (open to Three and Four Wheelers).

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