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The Morgan Delivery 3CWT VAN

THE popularity of the Morgan Runabout has continued unabated since this splendid little car was originally placed upon the market, and it is the instant and maintained appreciation shown by the public for its all-round merit that has at length persuaded us to pass on its unique economies to the tradesman.

Consequently, here is the Morgan Delivery Van — a smart delivery body on the famous Morgan chassis, with double rear doors and a load capacity up to 3 cwts.

The initial price of the Morgan Van deserves comment, it is so small; but more wonderful still are the running charges these are almost negligible.

The illustration shows at a glance the smart lines of the turnout, and the Advertising value of the back and side panels, when well written, will not require emphasising to the wide-awake Grocer, Baker, Greengrocer, or anyone to whom swift and safe delivery — at low cost — is essential.

You will have only a £4 Tax to pay, will average 50 miles to the gallon, will save on oil, tyres, and maintenance, and this, in spite of the Morgan's ample reserve of power.

Certainly, if really economical delivery is sought, the Morgan Van will give it you. And more . . . read the specification overleaf.

Tax only £4     Price £105



Text of page 4:


8 h.p. Air-cooled, J.A.P., 85.5 x 85 with M.L. Magneto Ignition and efficient lubrication by mechanical pump. The transmission is by the famous Morgan standard shaft and chains. The tank capacity is for 3 gallons of petrol and ½ gallon of lubricating oil.

Of sturdy built-for-wear construction and pleasing outside appearance. Dimensions:
 Length8' 8"6'
 Height5'3' 3"
 Width4' 9"3' 3"
Fitted with double rear doors, full size 2-panel windscreen and a comfortable out-of-the-weather seat for the driver. Finished lead colour.

Dunlop Re-inforced 27 x 4.00.

External band on rear wheel. Internal on front wheels with central ratchet lever control.

Lucas 3-lamp set and Electric Horn. Switchboard, Battery and Gear-driven Dynamo.

We shall be pleased to quote for painting van to customers' instructions, or for the inclusion of any interior fittings desired.

Jones & Co Grocers

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