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Linda Larson GREAT DEALS and GIVEAWAYS 17/Aug/2002:00:22:27
Wonderful job ..

Bobby Martin   11/Aug/2002:23:17:49
I would love any pictures that you could send, and any info on
restoration of trikes. I am trying to get my hands on one in the very
near future
Clem Walker   10/Aug/2002:09:58:17
Hey Fred, This is Clem Walker from Nikon of Norcross.
Great site and very informative.
I was looking for a rollcage and I found your website.
The ride you gave me in your Morgan, has hook me on convertibles of all
kinds. I'm on my 6th car now. Anyway, good to see the Morgan family is
still going strong. I'll pop in every once in awhile and check out your
site. Good (talking-writing) to you, cya later...
christof hallegger   08/Jul/2002:23:22:59

ich freue mich über eure aktivitäten und würde mich freuen im vorfeld
von vorhaben zu hören

beste grüße christof
Prince Ahmed Gwarzo none 07/Jul/2002:20:14:37

I DON KOME BE DIS MAKE UNA DE WAKA GO as i don buy am for dis one.

I have '36 S.S. MX-4, barrel back, a 1936 mx4 super sports and a 1999
4/4 two seater with drop down windscreen and aero screens with wind
I would be pleased to receive information about latest Morgan Cars.
Brian Robins   03/Jul/2002:14:21:24
Great Site

Having recently become a Morgan convert, I have a 1937 MX4 Super Sport
Barrel Back, I am spending my spare time trawling the Internet for
information. I'll take a few photo's and send them to you.

Happy Morganing

Nick Hooper   25/Jun/2002:14:23:26
George and Kathy   15/Jun/2002:20:21:37
Been Morgan owners since 1964.
George bought what we think is last Mog sold in U.S. before propane
conversions. Had JAP 3Wheeler for short time. Still have George's '67
Plus 4 Roadster (CA State autocross winner one year); and '64 Plus 4
Drop Head Coupe. We belonged to Los Angeles and Washington D.C Morgan
Clubs. Wonderful recreation for our family for many, many years.
George, Kathy, Geoff, and Greg.
mike   08/Jun/2002:16:56:53
excellent site, keep up the good work!
John H. Sheally II   01/Jun/2002:04:14:23
Gerhard, This is quite a nice and my compliments to you for this
look at my favorite Morgans , the 3-Wheelers.
I have enjoyed owning and driving most of the models
over the years and have had my 1935 Barrelback,SS, MX-4 for
almost 18 years and it geys regular runs year round.
Salute, John H. Sheally II
Simon Fitz Website Design Sydney 29/May/2002:05:35:04
Hi from Sydney! Nice looking web design, I like the colors (colours).
Tina Moore FREE COSMETICS 26/May/2002:01:06:24
Nice job. THanks!
Sara Taylor **** SHOPPING BARGAINS **** 23/May/2002:20:02:04
Cool site. Thanks!

Peter Gretch Web Design Western Australia 17/May/2002:05:40:20
Great Website! I love the original ideas and the layout.
peter young   10/May/2002:23:00:51
Quite a thrill to find this site. In the late 50's I was a member of
the club. The meetings were always at Stone gloucs. and I would come
across the ferry from South Wales, usually on my Vincent, the moggle
being rather temperamental. I fitted a JAP 1100 in place of it's
original Matchless.I remember too the sprints at Church Lawford.Good
times... I sold the Morgan eventually (to defray expenses, for £25! to
a gent in Oswestry) BXC837, anyone seen it lately?? I now live in
Milan, Italy and see NO Morgans, ever! The vincent went too, GKG29.
Good luck to all you fortunate Morgan owners and congratulations on a
really good site.
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Friedrich Eder Zahntechnik Eder GmbH Salzburg - Austria 10/Apr/2002:21:37:11
Glückwunsch zur gelungenen und schönen Website, liebe Grüße von einem
Morganfan aus Österreich.
(Morgan +8 1979 und Jap Threewheeler Beetleback 1933)
John Web Design Australia 08/Apr/2002:06:28:44
Great Website! Thanks heaps for the information. :)
Wynona www.alaskan-malamute-dogs.com 30/Mar/2002:03:58:09
Your web site is superb and nice-looking.
glenn s mckee Estate Agent 30/Mar/2002:00:06:40
Great Site, I've just caved in and bought a 3-wheeler replica off Ebay.
I grew impatient waiting for Corbin Motors to produce on i have been
waiting for them to develop and make. This will serve to scratch my itch
until I can get my Merlin Coupe from Corbin motors.
This is a copy of a Morgan '32 super sports beetle-back or barrel-back.
Not sure of the difference.
Hope to get it here next week or so. Fix the binders then head to
Buttonwillow the first week of May. I believe there is an event there.
My 3-wheeler is powered by a 750cc honda 4-cyl, with a 5-spd tranny.
Should get down the road, but realiz it is an impersonator and did not
know how the purists felt about such a machine.
Keep up the good work. They are great and I am really looking forward to
the experience.
patrick filice   15/Mar/2002:03:30:46
Luis Rivas 145Alfapassione 02/Mar/2002:12:41:32
Please, I'm looking for images (general view and detail pictures) of
the Morgan 3-Wheeler Super Sports "Barrelback" (1935).

Engine, botton, inside, etc.

Because I´m assembling a 1/16 scale model kit.

Congratulations, nice site.

I like Morgans since I was a child, I like english and italian classic
sport cars and particulary I like Alfa Romeo.

Today, my father still say (like 25 years ago): Someday I´ll have a
Bjørn Schage Norwegian Morgan Club 26/Feb/2002:19:51:42
Nice website. I've just added it to our links page
P. Machek Awesome Nova SS 20/Feb/2002:20:52:36
Cool site ! Drop by my 71 Nova's webpage sometime. It's the promotion
vehicle for Canadian Classics Magazine here in Canada .
Peter Bowerman   16/Feb/2002:12:05:17
scotty   10/Feb/2002:18:48:39
have a 1962 cushman mailsters in way far above average condition. what
is it worth?
paul baker   31/Dec/2001:00:00:38
Congratulations on a great site!
Happy motoring in 2002,Gerhard.
Regards, Paul alias MX4 ss 1936 chassis D17OO Reg UJ 8333
Engine MX4 SS 816 G.Box 2381 Body 1202
J. Cohn   20/Dec/2001:00:02:52
Looking to buy a meter maid car,m live in california. Any ideas or

Monnin Classic Auto Monnin Classic Auto Restoration 09/Dec/2001:23:46:09
Hello, Congradulation's on your victory run. You have an awesome site
and car. Long live classic automobiles. If you need anything done or
know anyone please contact us.
linster paul   02/Dec/2001:18:38:55
I am selling one of my Morgans:Threewheeler F4 1935 splendidly
restaured,fully roadworth BRG DM 42ooo.-
john daglish   27/Nov/2001:20:58:42
a most enjoyable and interesting site.
i have recently bought the autobiography of huschke von heinstein which
i found superb and ofcourse there is a photo of of lx 3
best wihes
john daglish.
Al Bogg   27/Nov/2001:01:51:28
Dave Young   12/Oct/2001:11:17:00
Great site, very professional.

In about 1961 I owned a blue '34 MX4 Beetleback Reg No JO9636. Anybody
know of it now or since or even prior to that date??.
BILL TUER   09/Oct/2001:23:11:31



Nick Taylor   29/Sep/2001:19:43:55

Just dropped in for the first time - looking good so far

Neville Lear   13/Sep/2001:18:56:53
Great Site, pleased to visit again after one and half years. My
quarter-million mile F4 currently undergoing rebuild, due for
completion spring 2002, with new bonnet,wings and radiator and a much
improved and hopefully reliable E93A motor with 'Billet' Crank, new
forged rods incorporating Mini Cooper S big end shells and adapted to
use Honda Pistons
PS. Hope it all works.

Mike Lee CARICATURES 04/Sep/2001:22:50:02
Everyone is invited to visit http://cardoodletoons.hypermart.net to see
a different and personal perspective of cars and their owners. If you
drive it, we draw it!
Lloyd Pennington   02/Sep/2001:10:16:21
Hi Gerhard
your site is without doubt peerless in every repect
you also once very kndly responded to an email requestin info for my
replica project many many thanks or this it was very usefull
other MTW owners have been less kind and some even insulting about my
proposal i have revisited your site many times and always found
something new (the replica forum is of particular interest ***so iam
not alone then***)if everyone was as profesional and dedicated as you
are in what they did the world would be a better place to live
anyway the replical project is going well most of my drawings are
compleet, a chassi jig has been made as is suspension wheels and m type
gearbox and work has begun on the chassi, body and ash frame will run
into next year, engine will be motorcycle sourced at first the i will
build a rep MX4 later, i hope to construct a web site detailing
construction for other entusiasts with small walets in the near future
i will let you have the URL in due course
best regards
Lorrain Miller   01/Sep/2001:05:29:37
Hi, I am the New Zealand Editor of the New Zealand Sidecar Racing
Association, -&- I would like to have some of your Pictures to go on the
pages of our Newsletter. I love the pictures of sidecars.
chairs, Lorrain Miller.
New Zealand Sidecar Association.
Tina Kansas City 19/Aug/2001:18:41:44
Cool site.
Rhonda Miller FREE STUFF 16/Aug/2001:08:26:31
Enjoyed the website.
Alan Sharpe   10/Aug/2001:22:03:06
Great site. Well designed and very informative.
Have 1934 Matchless MX2 Super Sports - called "Colmore Sports" in the
log book.
Ian J   27/Jul/2001:20:34:57
Top stuff keep it up!
Stan Helms   16/Jul/2001:04:00:26
I have recently purchased a 1964 Westcoaster 3 wheel motorcycle, was
used by US Postal Service. Does anyone know anything about this type of
vehicle, or a parts dealer ?

Thanks Stan Helms
Douglas Mumm Woodhaven 07/Jul/2001:18:32:16
While surfing the Net for possible information on a 3-wheeler I saw in
Abilene, Texas back in 1980; I discovered a wealth of information on
these vehicles. While I haven't yet found the vehicle, at least I found
many folks keeping these beautiful vehicles alive and well. There is
hope afterall. Thank You.

Doug Mumm, USAF, retired
Morrie Wilf   02/Jul/2001:16:34:03
mechthild sudau   29/Jun/2001:16:04:12
Hallo, freue mich, dass ich Euch endlich im Internet gefunden habe mit
Hilfe von Gela Middelanis. Gefällt mir wirklich alles ganz enorm!
Endlich eine schöne Beschäftigung, um den Büroschlaf zu
überwinden. "Give up jogging keep on mogging."
J.temp   25/Jun/2001:13:37:25
Fantastic Homepage. Very good an intresting photos.
Tony Fairbridge   23/Jun/2001:17:56:14
In 1962 while I was in the RAF I bought a 1934 barrell-back SS from
Mercury Motors in West London. I drove it for several years and thought
it a great fun machine. It leaked like a sieve, it stopped whenever it
rained and I rebuilt the gearbox so often that eventually I could do it
in half an hour, but in spite of this it was an enjoyable car to drive.
The registration was WP7985, and in 1967 I sold it to an engineering
student from Scotland. Does anybody know of its whereabouts now? I
bought mine for £60 and sold it for £45.One changed hands here in
Australia for $24,000 a few years ago.
Bill Hedderich   06/Jun/2001:06:30:56
Looking for a 3-Wheeler club in Southern California or Nevada.
Steve Hughes   23/May/2001:19:25:55
Hello Gerhard
Just popped in to say hello. (1932 SS JAP and 1948 F4)
Wonderful event at Monthlery (Paris) last month with at least 20 trikes
taking part and lots of pre-war bikes.
Give us a call if you are in UK anytime.
Keep it on 3
Terry Doyle N/a 17/May/2001:13:58:35
Gerhard guten tag from Australia .Site is wunderbar but Iam having
great difficulty in reading the guest book . Is it just that you are
upside down or is it the fact that this contraption doesnt like me ?
Eric Ireland   03/May/2001:21:26:58
Morrie Wilf   16/Apr/2001:05:36:54
Hi fellow morgan owners. We own a great little 1957 Morgan Plus Four-
two passanger. Now we're looking to purchase a Morgan three wheeler. If
anyone can be of any help, please drop us a line. By the way we live in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA.
Morrie Wilf
Peter Alderdice   12/Apr/2001:07:43:50
Great site Gerhard..I've found the origimal registration number for my
1928 Moran Aero...WK 7827... do you have any
information/records/pictures of this car??

Keep up the good work

Peter Alderdice
terry doyle   25/Mar/2001:16:04:01
Great stuff Does anyone want some MOG hub caps?
stewart crane   16/Mar/2001:17:20:16
Wonderful web page. I have been enfatuated with Morgan 3 wheelers for
years and have planned to build a replica as well. This is the best
location I have found. As I approach retirement (this summer) and have
time to start on the replica, I will be researching to see what others
have done. Ideally, I will build something with a Guzzi or similar
powerplant first. I can imagine eventually building an exact replica
and finding a JAP V-twin to power it. Are there plan views, cutaway
drawings or similar available from sources? Thank you. Stewart Crane
Duane Byerley   10/Mar/2001:01:53:44
Not an owner . . . just always interested in these neat cars.
Huntley Perry   21/Feb/2001:22:17:06
Neat web site! See my Jowett Jupiter at: www.jowettjupiter.co.uk
Gerhard Artinger   21/Feb/2001:20:17:11
hallo gerhard !

gratulation zu deiner wunderbaren hompage.
fahre einen mga 1958, bin aber auch ein gr.morgan fan

liebe grüsse aus österreich


Bob MacLaughlin   16/Feb/2001:20:35:40
Wonderful, always have been interested by the Morgan 3
Bernie McClafferty   13/Feb/2001:05:43:43
As a kid I had thing for Motorcycles and fell in love with a Three
wheel Morgan. I have never seen one in real life yet and before
Computers, you couldn't find much information or photo's.
I've told the wife that is the car for me if ever I had the money and
could find one (she could never understand why).
While sitting through an old "Peter Sellers" movie with the wife, I
almost chocked when he used the "pick up" line "do you want to come for
a ride in my three wheel Morgan".
At least the wife got to see what they looked like back then but she
still thinks I'm crazy for wanting one. Thats women for you I spose.
Great site this, I'll be back
regards Bernie
hendrix Amilcar Salmson and friends Meeting 08/Feb/2001:22:27:52
great site.
Hope to see you in september at this cyclecar Meeting, folks!
don't forget to visit the site.
Keith Ward Triking Cyclecars 04/Feb/2001:12:43:04

The Triking Cyclecars new web site is now at http://www.triking-

Lots of information about Trikings, including photos, price lists and
news articles.

We look forward to seeing you there.
Nelson L. Graves   30/Jan/2001:18:31:08
Can'nt believe I found a morgan web site. I have a hand built replica
of a 1935 Morgan. Want to see it? A friend from UK helped me build it.
Thanks , Nelson Graves
Eric Pyles   26/Jan/2001:06:49:09

Dear Sirs, I really like you auto's. Ilike your site. I have been looking at some three wheel kit cars. It seems the most economical
way to aquire one of these awsome autos. Maybe you know of a good
deal! p.s. I think they are beutiful
sincearly, Eric Pyles
Raphaël G.   25/Jan/2001:14:58:19
Many thanks for your superb and well documented website. I discovered
really the morgan three wheeler 3 years ago and I like it very much.
I think that this is the last link between human and machine.
Kind regards
Raphaël G.
Paris - France
Tom Friedland   07/Jan/2001:05:02:50
Just finished signing in and now see that e-mail addresses are not
included in the guest book. So here is mine: tfriedland@home.com

Tom Friedland   07/Jan/2001:04:52:01

I have a need to be restored '26 3 wheeler with a runout JAP side valve
and a rebuilt same engine. Unfortunately, the rebuilt engine has been
stored for 30 years without care...) The Mog is complete and last run
30 years ago. I intend to get with it as soon as I finish my homebuilt
aircraft. (About ? 9 months?)

Tom Friedland, Bellingham, WA, USA. (To be moving to Atascadero, CA
sometime) 360 734 9156
Dennis Radford   01/Jan/2001:18:22:41
Excellent web sight.
F. Kuzyk Defunct MSCCC 27/Dec/2000:16:48:00
a new song dedicated to the Morgan motorcar!

"I Got Me A Mog!"

Based on "No Money Down", music -&- lyrics by Chuck Berry.

New lyrics -&- arrangement by Freddy "The K" Deadly.

Performed by "Art Sharpenwessel and the No-Go Mogs".

Produced by The 3 Morganeers.

Recorded at the Roundel Records studio, Canada.

Song duration is approximately 3 minutes.

This tune is available for free distribution, provided that no money is
from its use (no useage for fund raising projects, no charge for
distribution to other Morganeers, etc).

Click here to download a free MP3 copy of "I Got Me A Mog!"

Brought to you by the people who put the "Morgan Driver" song on the
internet. Both "Morgan Driver" -&- "I Got Me A Morgan" are also available
the Napster music site.

Merry Christmas -&- Happy 2001!

Eric Pyles   15/Dec/2000:04:31:41

I liked your site! I was on a differnt site, looking at some three-
wheeler kits. I was looking at the "regester book", when I came across
your regestration (in the book), and saw your site address. So here
I am! It was very intersting. Thankyou!


Eric Pyles

Salem, Oregon,US
Rick Kreusling   14/Dec/2000:05:09:10
Great and interesting site. I am intersted in cambering (tilting
trikes) Thanks
Herr Max von Augenst na 13/Dec/2000:21:48:45
Ya, this site is the bestest in das worlt, und I have been surfing for
a long time. More complete than any other hobby site I have
investigated for myself.
I am making a deal with the devil to find a Morgan I can drive until
the day I die.
Now I have many hours of pleasant reading ahead of me. The vintage
photos make the reading ever so much more pleasant.
I tell many friends about this web site so they can enjoy too.
Those British know how to have proper English fun.
I am the technical editor of a little American scooter club, the
Westcoaster Club/Newsletter. They made the Mailster and the Meter Maid
three wheelers, similar to Cushman. Not even 1/100th as exciting or as
historical as MORGAN!!!!!
marion harner   12/Dec/2000:08:06:28

Bob Wright   02/Nov/2000:19:38:29
'33 MX4 Super Sport owner. Living on the coast of Maine USA
John Brinkmann   02/Nov/2000:04:11:15
Great site! Old-time Morgan enthusiast (picked-up my second one
at the factory,1964) currently running 1934 SS JAP LTOWZ, ex-Bob
Hammel, since 1976.
Peter Alderdice   01/Nov/2000:07:11:57
Great site, Gerhard. I've completed the restoration of 1929 Aero with
JAP 1100cc Dog Eared KTOW. The chassis number is 939 and was sold by
the factory in 1929 to Mann -&- Sons. I have traced the history in New
Zealand from 1949 todate, but have had no luck to date for the early
history. Does anyone know of Mann -&- sons, maybe their early records
still exist.
E. Alan Al Moss   01/Nov/2000:05:31:03
Just found out about this web site. Looks great! I have a 1934
MX-4 which I completely restored ten years ago and "race"
annually in the Monterey Historics and Buttonwillow (California).

For anyone reading this who knew, or knew of, Spence Young, he
passed away 10/22 from cancer.

Al moss
G.G.Weiner C.A.R.S. 27/Oct/2000:21:47:22
This is a very well know vehical and featured in the three wheeler book
under Trilux special. Just had new tyre,new twin chrome exhausts
fitted,just serviced by Morgan service garage. Car is bright red with
nice chrome work,air guard,special registration Q plated,while on black
plates with badges V.S.C.C. and V.C.C. sold with car and spare wheel!
Reluctlant sale because my new Morgan is on waiting list for delivery
next year. Forfull information and photos please send a s.a.e. to me at:
c/o G.G.Weiner 4-4a Chapel Terrace Mews,Kemp Town,Brighton BN2 1HU,East
Sussex UK Phone; 01273 601960 (GMT) Thank you and all have happy
Joe Wilson   26/Oct/2000:12:45:09
I have owned a Morgan Aero for 30 years and have had a great love /
hate relationship with it.A major rebuild was completed in 76,and that
was the start of some great motoring, with racing with sidecars in the
70's and 80's, and then with cars, as well as rally work.
It is fitted with an 8 valve Anzani,which has been supercharged since
1990. In recent times my son, a 4/4 owner has runit at sprint
meetings , as I am a little cautious of it since i rolled it in 97.
beverly rogers   24/Oct/2000:18:43:05
From beverly rogers AGAIN!!!!!
I will get the hang of this e-mailing soon!!!
e-mail adress to add to previous two coments below!
beverly rogers   24/Oct/2000:18:38:33
Addition to previous comments below.
From Beverly Rogers Nottingham
beverly rogers   23/Oct/2000:23:21:24
We have a 1934 matchless 998cc mx2 morgan for sale!One of a few built
used originaly for trials and speed events!(IT HAD AN EXPERIMENTAL
ENGINE -so may be a one off!) High chassis with twin or single rear
wheel. Presently used for showing and general road use.
own and used all over europe(nicknamed THE WANDERING BLOB)Please reply
Terry Doyle   07/Oct/2000:14:30:27
Gerhard,what a great site ,must send you some new photos for the
rogues gallery. I am in Adelaide for the famous Bay to Birdwood Run for
vehicles made from the dawn of the horseless carriage era [1890] to
1949. Over 2000 vehicles are expected to take part. I have trailered
the 1929 Super Aero over for the run from Melbourne [1600km].
Tony Tebby   23/Sep/2000:13:38:22
hello from tony tebby fellow club member and CLC 12 super sports MX4
1935 in Oxford
Rachel Harries   23/Sep/2000:04:46:58
John Mead   14/Sep/2000:19:12:44
A great Moggie web site! I love it!
David A. Neal, Jr.   02/Sep/2000:00:20:46
I'm a long time Morgan lover. I've never owned, driven, or even ridden
in one. Living in Tucson, AZ, there are few.

I drive a '99 Nissan Altima SE Ltd.
JAMES CROSBY   31/Aug/2000:03:33:28
bussey   26/Aug/2000:21:48:46
Rick Kreusling   19/Aug/2000:22:38:57
Love Trikes, Great page! Located in Charleston,SC. Let me know if you
are in the area and have similar interests. Currently have @ P1800
Volvos and 914 Porsche w/Chevy v-8 and daily driver 944
Andy Veek   16/Aug/2000:20:23:24
good info page for MORGAN's. My brother just "rescued" a F-2. See
forum #115.
Jared Ruddy   16/Aug/2000:20:04:23
Hi, Gerhard. I'm looking for a 3 wheeler... Anybody want to sell me one?
How much is one in reasonable condition?
malderea   11/Aug/2000:22:50:46
Kim Freeman n/a 11/Aug/2000:16:49:25
Your site is great and has been very helpful . I was told that you also
post notices for people looking for cars for restoration. I am looking for a
Aero Sport or Matchless SS in the 30-36 year range.

Thanks Kim
Marco Conrardy   06/Aug/2000:11:53:49
Ich bin seit einer Woche stolzer Besitzer eines Three-Wheelers welcher
in einem sehr schlechten Zustand ist, habe keine Ahnung um welches
Modell es sich handelt und mache mich jetzt auf die Suche nach
Unterlagen und Plänen. Das einzige was ich weis ist, dass das Fahrzeug
möglicherweise von 1924 ist.
Hugo + Rita Fehr   03/Aug/2000:11:28:11
Ab sofort sind auch wir erreichbar.
joseph r boucher   28/Jul/2000:13:43:27
J.Dale Barry   19/Jul/2000:08:27:02
Good site.
1934 Morgan 3 wheeler Sports Racer
California Vintage Races
hermann drucks   13/Jul/2000:13:02:32
hat mir sehr viel Freude bereitet !

Gruß Hermann
peter jones   10/Jul/2000:19:39:15

congratulations very intersting.
G.G.Weiner C.A.R.S. of Brighton 07/Jul/2000:21:18:29
I am a Morgan ,owner and enthusiast,I have a modern 1999 4/4 two seater
with drop down windscreen and aero screens with wind deflectors fitted
to get the max out of Summer motoring in the sunny south! I've just
taken the plunge and part exchanged my motorbike for a Morgan Three
Wheeler replica of the beatleback Super sports aero.It's great fun!
Would I be welcome at Three Wheeler events,well I'm not sure? Anyway
hope to see you all at Cnaterbury 2000. Kind regards, Geoff
By the way any Club badges going spare,even damaged enamel for use on
this vehical,please give me a call or fax me on 01273 601960,Happy
three wheeling!
Owen Morgan [wouldyo   01/Jul/2000:18:03:27
I,m 54 years old and I remember the Morgan going around when I was knee
high to a grasshopper. I'd love a Morgan because I like to drive
slowley; never over the speed limit, and so I think one of these would
suit me. Well, I can dream I suppose. Owen Morgan.
Rick Frazee   21/Jun/2000:12:11:59
Great web site! My 1936 Morgan Super Sport is back on the road after a
year and a half. It's great to be driving it again. hope to see
everyone at MOG 30.
C.B. McClain   14/Jun/2000:15:40:14
Clare Booth   11/Jun/2000:00:41:10
I drive a 1930 Super Sports Aero
Elvis Payne The online A-Z of Three Wheeled Vehicles. 07/Jun/2000:22:03:54
Gerhard, this is an excellent site and I have just spent a very
enjoyable half hour browsing through it. It really makes me wish I had
a Morgan now. Keep up the good work.
Luc Ryckaert (Belgiu   07/Jun/2000:19:19:16
A couple of months ago, I started the restauration of a Sports 2 seater
of 1933 (model 34)I´d like to thank everybody who is providing pictures
and articles on these fantastic machines. Thanks a lot and keep them
Keith Lyndsell   01/Jun/2000:01:48:06
Great to see the photo of T D Green's old racer. For many years I was the passenger in this Mog (and also his previous car - a road going KTOR Super Aero).
Eiler C. Heyn   27/May/2000:23:09:54
I was stationed in England at RAF Station Sculthorpe, Norfolk. I owned
a 1932 Morgan three wheller with a water cooled 11oo cc JAP engine. It
had a reverse gear and an electric starter.

I would like to contact the person who presently ownes it. In add
ition I understandf that there is a mfg in Norfolk that makes
replicars. If anyone can provide me with that replicar company email I
would be most greatfull.
Eiler C. Heyn
Sven-Eric Ericsson   26/May/2000:10:43:19
Frank Mugford 25/May/2000:15:00:43
Just passing through. I like to see the 3 wheelers kick ass at the
Silverstone meeting.
edward lakin   24/May/2000:13:59:39
Congratulations! A beautiful and excellent site to visit. I'll pass it
on for sure.
Rick Frazee   24/May/2000:03:22:22
Lenny   12/May/2000:14:41:04
Grüezi Gerhard

Auf Deiner Homepage würde ich "fündig"! Franks (01.01.99) "Never-Ending
Projekt" ist tatsächlich seit 1984 in Arbeit. Nei - aberau ....! Mir
geht es auch nicht besser. Auch ich habe irgendwo noch einen Engländer
zerlegt herumliegen (Scimitar SE6b). Deine Homepage ist super; oder!

Herzliche Grüsse auch an Deine Familie

Steven T. Melville   02/May/2000:19:41:39
I have a 1927 sports and am beginning to get ready to do something with
it. Two years ago there was very little of Morgans on the internet. This
is Great! I'll need all the help I can get.

Steve Melville

Ken -&- Janet Hill Morgan Items for sale including minatures 30/Apr/2000:21:28:25
Very surpised and delighted to see my books displayed on your excellent
site. Also for mentioning Janet's business. (This is in the process of
being upadated and uprated and will be availablein the very near
furture) Wishing you and all Morganeers GOOD MORGANEERING
Ken -&- Janet Hill
simon smith   30/Apr/2000:18:13:49
does anybody know the whereabouts of a 1936 mx4 super sports reg no
emk843 last seen in warminster wiltshire in approx 1963?
shane wilcox   30/Apr/2000:05:00:27
Rick Harvey   12/Apr/2000:19:22:29
Great to see your site. Have yet to explore it but will do
so next. Hopefully this will help get my rebuild going

Have '36 S.S. MX-4, barrel back. It has been in various stages
of running, dissasembly, restoration / rebuild for the past 26 years.
But hopefully not for much longer.

Would like to hear from others in similar stste of affairs. Please
call: Rick Harvey e-mail: ehdesign@pacbell.net
16 Rapallo
Irvine, CA 92614 USA Phone: 949 / 852 - 0921
FAX: 949 / 261 - 1266

Bruce Jones   02/Apr/2000:06:07:09
Thanks for the page. I am revitalizing an MX4 powered "bitsa" racer as
we speak.
Jos Bombeeck   01/Apr/2000:18:18:38
Since reading an article about Bill Tuer's Morgan D-type
(dutch magazine 'AutoVisie'), I'm in love, and day dreaming
about driving such a wonderful machine someday.
Keep those threewheelers rolling!
Lentschig   27/Mar/2000:16:21:09
Hallo Bazi,
nette Homepage, gut gemacht!
Weiterhin viel Spaß mit den Oldtimern.
Fruss an Waltraud. .- Holger -
Dean Baker   21/Mar/2000:20:44:40
Peter Bowerman   14/Mar/2000:22:37:00
Steven T. Melville   13/Mar/2000:16:32:13
I own a 1927 (1933) sports with a Matchless 1000cc air cooled in
California. I hope someday to start a restoration on this trike. I
started the engine and did some work on the electrical and drove it on
several short trips before something gave out and the drive was no
longer connected to the rear wheel. Not to bad after sitting for over 20
years. This unit has never been registered in the United States. I will
be interested in any comment this note generates.

D. White   11/Mar/2000:18:48:51
nice pic's
Thorsten Mey   11/Mar/2000:01:32:16
Bis jetzt habe ich im Internet keine besser gemachte Site zum Thema
Three Wheeler gefunden. Klasse! Die Kehrseite eines seltenen Hobbys ist
die Schwierigkeit gute Informationen zu finden. Ergänzend wäre eine
Rubrik mit Nachbauten, wie meinem JZR, interessant. Der
Erfahrungsaustausch hier beruht quasi ausschließlich auf persönlichen
Ron Barlow   05/Mar/2000:21:51:38
Have +8 would like to know more about 3 wheelers.
Martyn Culling   28/Feb/2000:15:42:24
Nice Site!

Many good pictures and drawings. I can't get enough!
I am rebuilding a much abused Super Sports Aero.

regards Martyn
BMorton   27/Feb/2000:21:45:31
Gentlemen and Gentleladies
Awonderful site for the trike dreamer, who is currently a DHC owner
COLIN BLACKHALL   27/Feb/2000:18:00:14
frank   12/Feb/2000:23:22:38
Schubarth-Engelschal   30/Jan/2000:11:38:53

Dear Gerhard,

I like to say "Congratulations" for your comprehensive web site
concerning the Tree-Wheelers!

Perhaps we will see each other at Schwerin on Pfingsten.

All best wishes for you and your family for 2000,

Joerg (MCD, section middle-north)

Address: Joerg Schubarth-Engelschall
Tel.: 05139/279853 (integrated FAX)
Neville Lear   23/Jan/2000:00:26:51
I have been driving my Morgan ( a 1936 F4 ) since 1965 and have covered
190,000 miles in that time.
As a member of the MTWC for most of this time, I very much enjoyed
looking at your web site and reading the comments from other members,
many of whom I have known for many years.

Exellent pistures and information,

I'm glad I found your site!
Johann Achatzi JZR 17/Jan/2000:22:12:57

Wenn ihr wollt,könnt ihr ein linksverweis auf meine hompage
machen. Grüße Johann Achatzi.
Whiteshadow Giga Fan Page 12/Jan/2000:18:15:35
Hy deep-flyer,
Danke für dein GB Eintrag!!!
Naja ich wollt mir mal deine Seite anschauen und sie ist ja super cool!!

Cu Whiteshadow
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