3-D Morgan made by H. Franz
This Morgan 3-W in 3-D Design was made by Helmut Franz (Germany).

3-D Morgan made by H. Franz

3-D Morgan made by H. Franz

And for those who like it in blue...

Robert Brandy

Left and Below:

A picture made by the famous artist Robert Brandy from Luxembourg with the subject "Morgan".

Title: Morgan one of the best
Signed: Brandy II-III 93-
Size: 150 cm x 120 cm
Technique: Mixed-collage sur toile

The artist used as a base for his collage an old example of The Light Car & Cyclecar magazin from March 18, 1927 with advertisements of the Morgan Motor Company: The "Colmore Cup Trial" and "The Spirit of the big racing car". The overpainting by Robert Brandy shows his expression of Morgan 3-wheelers.

Robert Brandy

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